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Our History

Who We Are


Club is formed


List of players from back left:

Henry Rogers, Derek Andrews, Arthur Plumb, Len Teversham, Roy Osbourne, Roy Dawson, Owen Plumb, Cecil Jackin, Nevil Page

Front row from left: Doug Wombwell, Dick Claydon, Albert Wright (Captain), E.Dawson, Jim Lavender.


Fulbourn FC 1951-52List of Players: John Smith, Derek Andrews, Derek Smith, Norman Osbourn’s brother in goal, Derek Pilsworth, Ken Wombwell, Gordon Wombwell, Derek Wombwell, Rogers Andrews, Doug Teversham, Gordon Wombwells brother.


Shield of Merit: Our former Treasurer ‘Basil Taylor’ is in this picture. Back, Far right Brian K Wombwell (Impetts Lane). Behind him. Gordon Wombwell (Valley Farm). 3rd Back Left Colin Andrews. Thanks to John K Wombwell (Ontario USA) for this information.


Terry Willson, Richard Westcott, Dave Bird, Ron Neil, Jim Stalley, Ray ‘Eccles’ Wingle,Rob Bush, Edgar Hipkiss, Roger Westcott, Bob Hargraves, Bert Austwick, Graham Smith, Ted Ousley – Landlord of White Hart, Roger Claydon, Doug ‘Smuggey’ Taylor, Bob Hulyer, Ray ‘Skeemer’ Dawson, Mick Jacklin, David White, Terry Wombwell.


List of Players: Dave Hardy, Bob Maggs, Rodney Bird, Roger Westcott, Graham Smith, John Pearce, Terry Wombwell, Richard Westcott, Dave Bird, John Wright, Terry Willson.


List of players starting back left: Pete Ludman, Graham Smith,Malcolm Matthews, Brian Saddington, Brian Tailby, Dave Bird, Doug Taylor.Front Right: Terry Wombwell, Martin Pammenter, Brian Claydon, Terry Willson, Roger Andrews.


List of players starting from back left: Brian Tailby, Graham Butler,Basil Taylor, Roger Andrews, Dave Bird, Malcolm Moore, David Stevens,Richard ‘Dickie’ Drage, Brian Saddington, Colin Butler, Bryan Stevens.


Players from back left: Ces Moore, Graham Smith, Terry Wilson, Baz Arliss, Basil Taylor and Pete Ludman.


List of players from back left: Steve Teversham, Andy Wratten, Nigel Loker, Josh Palmer, Ces Moore, Les Cooke, Eric Atherton.Front row from left: John Sparkes, Tony Tennant, Geoff Lawrence, Ray Nockholds, Dickie Drage and Maurice Flinders.


List of people from back left: Mick Coxon, Chris Lawson, Shaun Sowden, Mick Rogers, Martin Smith, David Stevens, Adi Howe, Gary Harding. Front row from Left: Brian Ferris, Neil Frost, Paul Bunting, Greg Marshall, Andy Levitt.Yes that is Sean ‘Ozzy’ Frost’s dad. Thanks to Neil Frost for naming these players.


Yes that is Martyn Morris!


List of people from back left: Phil ‘Arnold’ Willis, Nick Gawthrop, Neil ?, Jed Butler, Dave ‘Rabbit’ Coulson, ?, Tony Eades, Wayne Stevens, Mark ?.Front row from left: Martyn Morris, Dave Callen, Mark Hodgson, Kevin ‘Kev’ Davey, Paul Henderson, Joe Smith.


List of Players: Nigel ‘Nippy’ Norton, Niel Frost, Martin Smith, Wilf Rogers, David Stevens, Mick Rogers, ?, ?, Dave ?, Steve Andrews, Dave ‘Minny’ Rolf, Mark ‘Percy’ Adams, Tony ?, Kierran McNeela, Gary ‘Gazza’ Davey.


People from back left: Jed Butler, ?, Dave Plumb, Kevin ‘Kev’ Davey, Phil ‘Arnold’ Willis,Dave ‘Rabbit’ Coulson, Tony Eades, Wayne Stevens, Jamie Chamberlan, Mick Bane.Front row from left: ?, Joe Smith, Nick Gawthrop, ? Strachan, Jez Wallman.


People from back left: Martin Thorpe, Andy Cuthill, ?, Andy Wells, ?, Wilf Rogers, Steve Andrews, Niel Frost, Richard ‘Dickie’ Drage.Front row from left: Julian Thorpe, Gary ‘Gazza’ Davey, Dave Sheldon, ?, Mark ‘Percy’ Adams, Simon Plumb.


 “Its been and fantastic year for the whole club, three Championship Teams!I am pleased for all of the ‘back-room’ staff who work very hard for Fulbourn Institute Football Club.A very good first season in a very good league, we need to bring in a couple of players next year when I expect it to be even harder, but the lads have been brilliant this year well done!Special notes of interest: Five Trophies; The Terry Wilson Cup, Addenbrookes Cup, Saturday Challenge Cup, Premier Cup and the League! An incredible season!2004-2005. We must keep pushing Fulbourn forward, bringing in good players and improving the whole club.” – Dave Abbs (May 2004)


The management team of Dave Abbs and Dick Collinge guided our 1st team through our first season in the Ridgeons League. After a competitive season we finished third in the league, which was a promotional position. We scored over 100 goals an enjoyed every moment the season offered, players, managers and supporters agreed. Unfortunately we could not stay in this league due to ground requirements for playing at this standard. Our local council did not support our planning application to develop an area, so the 1st team / village of Fulbourn lost a great opportunity.


The FA recognised Tony Hall for his outstanding contribution to football.

Awards were as follows:

  • Clubman of The Year – Dave Hedley

  • Sportsman – Louis Wenham

  • Young Player – Louis Clark

  • Most improved player – John Bird

  • Reserve Team Managers Player – Louis Wenham

  • Reserve Team Players Player – Louis Clark

  • 1st Team Supporters Player – Dan Parker

  • 1st Team Managers Player – Rob Scrutton

  • 1st Team Players Player – Rob Scrutton

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